Custom Integrated Systems

to Match Your Imaging needs

With the right Hardware Upgrade get:
a Powerful, Flexible Multi-Modal Imaging platform
an Extended Life Time for your Set Up


Widely Recognized as the Most Powerful Tools for Live Cell Imaging

 More versatile
 Powered by MetaMorph software platform

CSU-W1 Yokogawa Alternative Solution

 Wide field of View
 Deep tissue imaging
 Borealis perfect illumination delivery
 Powered by MetaMorph software platform

All-in-one bench-top laser-free confocal microscope

 Ease of access
 Ease of use

Unique Laser Free Spinning Disk solution
Replace DSD2 with more flexibility and performance

 Easy to use
 High confocality
 Low running costs

Fast Scanning TIRF

Add multiwavelength TIRF modality
and Benefit from
the simplicity and ultimate flexibility of
the NEW MetaMorph pluggin XYZebra

Observe the localization and dynamics of molecules and processes in an optical section near the plasma membrane.

Easy to implement:
 XYZebra MetaMorph plugin

Real Time Super Resolution Imaging

Expand the possibilities of your MetaMorph platform by breaking the diffraction barrier in fluorescence microscopy

 Add STORM, PALM modalities 
 Innovative Laser Beam to maximize the laser power
 Wave Tracer plugin: Real Time Super Resolution Imaging

High Speed Widefield Fluorescence

Extend the lifetime and performance of your fluorescence widefield microscope

 Simultaneous, dual-channel imaging
 Stream acquisition (> 30fps)
 5-6D imaging
 Fast LED illumination
 Powered by MetaMorph

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