SystemsReal Time Super Resolution Imaging

Real Time
Super Resolution Imaging

Expand The Capabilities Of Optical Microscopy In Research
And Use Numerous Scientific Applications,
From Time-Lapse Studies To 3-D Investigations.
Add Advanced Microscopy Technique
Such As Super-Resolution To Your MetaMorph Platform

With synchronized image acquisition and processing, Wave Tracer MetaMorph software allow you to analyze details object on the nanometer scale, capturing organization of sub-cellular structures not readily discernible with conventional confocal or TIRF microscopy.
Super Resolution module taking full advantages of the powerful and flexible MetaMorph software capabilities. For added flexibility, a unique hardware acceleration component supports fast acquisition and analysis with real-time super-resolution image display. High resolution images can now be processed and displayed in real-time preventing researchers to wait to view their results until all images have been processed post acquisition. The system is compatible with most fluorescence and TIRF microscopes.
• User friendly interface
• Supports many different localization microscopy techniques
• Compatibility with many commercially available microscopes, cameras, laser launches, TIRF optics…
• 20 nm lateral / 40 nm axial with 3D astigmatic lens
• Streaming devices capabilities
• Real-time localizations, saving, & feedback
• Automatic laser feedback and adjustment
• Optimized workflow (when your image acquisition completes, the localization analysis and storage is also complete).
• Single molecule tracking
• Accelerated GPU processing
• 3D super resolution


Could be enabled on any previously-installed hardware platforms (high-end video-microscope, spinning disk set up …)

Difficulties to do STORM, lack of laser power on your Super Resolution platform, absence of real-time analysis with Wave-Tracer, we have the solution, we can propose an upgrade of your set up.

Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, Inserm U1216 – Université Grenoble Alpes - Photonic Imaging Center (PIC GIN)
Bâtiment Edmond J. Safra, Chemin Fortuné Ferrini
38700 La Tronche
Contact person: Ms Yasmina SAOUDI


Fluorescence imaging, Confocal imaging, TIRF, dSTORM, PALM


Inverted microscope capable of confocal imaging
• 100x NA: 1.46
• CSU-W1 Spinning disc
• 2 Flash 4.0 Hamamatsu cameras
• Lasers: 405nm – 488nm – 561nm – 640nm
• Errol-Laser: Laser launch modification (TIRF optical articulated arm)
• Metamorph – Wave Tracer v1.6 – Customized Super Resolution Taskbar

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