Save time for your Science
Concentrate on the application not the instrument

Willing to get maximal benefit from your instrument?
Not enough resources for training /operating support for advanced research instrumentation?
Desire to minimize downtime to prevent your productivity to be affected?

ImagXcell can help you and provide the right solution

Select associated software services best suited to your individual requirements

software services

 Customized Training

 Onsite / Remote support

 Onsite / Remote

 Tailor-made MetaMorph macros / workflow taskbar or toolbars

hardware services

 Audit / Consulting

 Existing set up upgrade provider

 Complete solution integrator

Services Bundles

Proposed in function of your present and future needs

 Mixed of services proposed in personalized package corresponding to 1 – 3 – 6 – 12 days on site

Bundles of remote session days

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