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Large Field of View Deeper
Getting the Most from Your Imaging


 Wide field of View
 Deep tissue imaging
 Borealis perfect illumination delivery
 Powered by MetaMorph software platform

The Game-Changer In Confocal Microscopy
With The Andor Dragonfly, You Can Image At An Unrivalled Combination Of Speed, Sensitivity, Confocality And Resolution Beyond The Diffraction Limit
 Decreased cross-talk, deep tissue imaging
Larger field of view matching large sCMOS sensors | Capture more in a single image
 40 µm and 25 µm pinhole disks | Acquire high contrast imaging at low and high magnification for large samples to subcellular imaging
 Scans thousands of microbeams for reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity | Gentler imaging enabling better imaging of delicate specimens
 Borealis perfect illumination delivery | Provides: stability, throughput, uniformity, extended wavelength range
 Extended Excitation Spectral range up to 800 nm: NIR (650-850 nm) to reduce scattering and auto-fluorescence in thick or uncleared tissue specimens
 Camera magnification (1x, 1.5x & 2x) | Easier to achieve Nyquist sampling over a wide range of objectives and pixel sizes
Powered by MetaMorph software | Expand DragonFly multi-modal imaging capabilities & performance


 Vesicle trafficking
Cell Division
 FRET Imaging
 Calcium Imaging
 in vivo imaging
 Multi-color imaging
 Long-term, multi-dimensional live cell imaging
 Micro PIV
Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience
Eq « Central nervous system: From development to repair »
Bâtiment Edmond J. Safra – Chemin Fortuné Ferrini – 38700 La Tronche – FRANCE

Contact person: Ms Homaira NAWABI ✉

Fluorescence imaging, Confocal imaging

Inverted microscope capable of confocal imaging, equipped with immersion objectives.
 DragonFly 202 Spinning disc
 Zyla 4.2 Andor camera
 Andor ILE with 4 Lasers: 405nm (100mW) – 488nm (150mW) – 561nm (150mW) – 637nm (140mW)
 Andor MicroPoint

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