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Wave Tracer

MetaMorph Super Resolution Software
provides real-time super-resolution imaging
on the nanometer scale

Access Advanced Microscopy Techniques
Break Trough the diffraction limit

Localization-based super-resolution microscopy

Super Resolution module taking full advantages of the powerful and flexible MetaMorph software capabilities. For added flexibility, a unique hardware acceleration component supports fast acquisition and analysis with real-time super-resolution image display. High resolution images can now be processed and displayed in real-time preventing researchers to wait to view their results until all images have been processed post acquisition. The system is compatible with most fluorescence and TIRF microscopes.

 User friendly interface
 Supports many different localization microscopy techniques
 Compatibility with many commercially available microscopes, cameras, laser launches, TIRF optics, and more
 20 nm lateral / 40 nm axial with 3D astigmatic lens
 Streaming devices capabilities
 Real-time localizations, saving, and feedback
 Automatic laser feedback, and adjustment
 Optimized workflow (when your image acquisition completes, the localization analysis and storage is also complete).
 Single molecule tracking
 Accelerated GPU processing
 3D super resolution


Could be enabled on previously-installed hardware platforms (high-end video-microscope, spinning disk set up …)



Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, Inserm U1216 – Université Grenoble Alpes - Photonic Imaging Center (PIC GIN)
Bâtiment Edmond J. Safra, Chemin Fortuné Ferrini
38700 La Tronche
Contact person: Ms Yasmina SAOUDI


Fluorescence imaging, Confocal imaging, TIRF, dSTORM, PALM


Inverted microscope capable of confocal imaging
• 100x NA: 1.46
• CSU-W1 Spinning disc
• 2 Flash 4.0 Hamamatsu cameras
• Lasers: 405nm – 488nm – 561nm – 640nm
• Errol-Laser: Laser launch modification (TIRF optical articulated arm)
• Metamorph – Wave Tracer v1.6 – Customized Super Resolution Taskbar

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