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w-view gemini-2c

with minimal distorctions
over a large field of view

 2x ORCA-Flash 4.0
 450 nm – 800 nm
 Quick stable alignment
 Super resolution quality

Expand your possibilities

unrivaled optical quality provides superior Images

 Custom Designed Lenses Optimized for Fluorescent Imaging
 Wide Field of View (20 mm for standard imaging, 12 mm for diffracted-limited imaging)
 Ultra-Low Distortion (0.05%)
 High Spatial Uniformity (98%)
 High Transmission (98% @ 450 nm to 800 nm)
 Dual Channel x,y,z and Rotational Alignment
 Standard Filters and (Dichroics) Beam splitters
 Bypass and Camera Switching Mode
 Cmount Compatibility



Light sheet
Single Molecule Imaging and Super Resolution Microscopy
 Tri-Color and Quad-Color Imaging
 Modular Design Supports Expansion into Engineered Point Spread Function Imaging

 Fluorescence in-vivo blood cell microscopy
 Enabling engineered PSF Imaging with the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C

W-view GEMINI-2C transmittance

Light path

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