Products / Illumination systems

PE-300 series

Safer, highly flexible,
more controllable
mercury-free LED illumination systems
 LED Illumination for Fluorescence Imaging

pE-300 series

 Improved single and multi-fluorescence stains
 Increased contrast, less background observed
 Improved balance between stains
 Better multi-color images from a monochrome camera
Clean bright illumination across the spectrum | Excites common fluorescent stains
Wide range of Microscope Adaptors | Quick & easy exchange
Instant on/off | No shutters required
No warm up or cool down times | Switching does not affect LED Lifetime
Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) | No ND filters required
Excellent uniformity over field of view | Quantitative scientific results extracted
 Fixed and stable | No alignment necessary


road-spectrum LED illumination for imaging most common fluorescent stains

pE-300 ultra:

 Most controllable member of the pE-300 Series | precise control over wavelength intensity and shuttering
 Individual channel triggering via TTL in microseconds | Better time resolution



 Microbiology / Virology / Bacteriology / Mycobacteria
 Tissue culture

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