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PE-100 series

Affordable, robust, bright LED illuminator

 LED Illumination

pE-100: Fluorescence light microscopy
 Broadest LED spectrum available: 365 – 770nm | Metal halide or mercury alternative

pT-100: Transmitted light microscopy
 Powerful white LED illumination system | Halogen alternative
 Spectral performance matched to 100W halogen | Familiar images obtained
 No variation in color across intensity range | No color balance needed
 No unwanted UV | Risk of eye damage reduced – Less cell phototoxicity

 Wide range of Microscope Adaptors | Quick & easy exchange
 Instant on/off | No shutters required
 No warm up or cool down times | Switching does not affect LED Lifetime
 Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) | No ND filters required
 Excellent uniformity over field of view | Quantitative scientific results extracted
 Fixed and stable | No alignment necessary

Overall cost saving

 Long lifetime (> 25,000 hours of operating time)
 No more running cost of lamps
Compatible with existing single and multi-band filter sets

Screening fluorescence
Microbiology / Virology / Bacteriology / Mycobacteria
Tissue culture

pE-100 Research Fluorescence
Optogenetics e.g. ChR/NpHR
Electrophysiology – remote light delivery by LLG or Fiber
Transmitted (Phase/DIC) / Fluo switching – can use 525nm or 635nm
CFP/YFP FRET Combination of 2 pE-100s

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