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new pe-4000

Cost Effective Solution to breathe
New Life into your old Microscope

 LED Illumination with Enhanced Intensity

 Wide range of Microscope Adaptors | Universal illumination system
 Broadest LED spectrum available: 365-770nm | Match LED peaks to existing microscope filters
 Individual LED wavelength selection | Supply the optimum excitation wavelength band for fluorophores
 Instant on/off | No shutters required
 No warm up or cool down times | Switching does not affect LED Lifetime
 Active-cooling – Stable & repeatable best intensity over time | Reliable and consistent results
 Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) | No ND filters required
 Excellent uniformity over field of view | Quantitative scientific results extracted
 Fixed and stable | No alignment necessary – Staff time saving

Overall cost saving

 Long lifetime (> 25,000 hours of operating time)
 No more running cost of lamps
 No more health and safety regulation & mercury disposal issues


 Ideal for multi-color
aily fluorescence imaging and quantitative live cell imaging
 Optical feedback for applications requiring higher stability
 Analogue inputs for dynamic intensity control

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