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Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software
Seamless hardware integration


Benefit from Powerfull Robust multidimension acquisition and data analysis
Get the most precise and reliable data
have less rework and more time saving

Preferred Software For Tailored Solution

The MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software is a very well established software in biology since more than 20 years to automate acquisition, device control, and image analysis. 
It is characterized by its very wide availability to easily integrate dissimilar fluorescent microscope hardware and peripherals into a single custom workstation. Wellknown for its powerful and robust device and camera streaming capabilities, that accelerate image capture rate and simultaneously transfers images to memory during acquisition, MetaMorph captures dynamic cellular events for applications such as live cell/kinetic imaging.
MetaMorph benefit from a flexible, guided user interface to easily capture basic and/or complex acquisition sequences.
The software offers a complete toolbox of features to display, process, analyses, visualize 2D to 6D images.
MetaMorph handles everything from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, FRET, 3D measurements, and more. Several optional modules such as application modules allow the user to perform assay-specific analysis, such as counting nuclei or assessing cell cycle phases, in a simple wizard-like interface. 
Powerful and easy-to-use journal (macro) functions in MetaMorph enable users to further automate acquisition, processing, and common analysis routines.  

Cost saving with ultimate modularity
Multi-application oriented with no limitation for your present and future needs
High quality performance
Reliable and quantitative data
Better productivity, less rework, time saving
Main Features :

Acquisition & Device Control
 Complete microscope and peripherals automation
 Compatibility with many commercially available microscopes, cameras, spinning disk, TIRF, laser launches, photomanipulation module, and more
 Streaming devices capabilities
 Powerful and robust multi-dimensional imaging tool easily adapted to any acquisition protocol
  Acquisition of multiple images with seamless stitching with the scan slide module, ideal for large tissue samples, to ensure reproducibility while taking the guesswork out of tiling experiments.

Image Display & Processing
 Background subtraction and shading correction
 16 bit mophology filters
 4D viewer

Image Analysis
 Algorithms for particle tracking and motion analysis
Intuitive morphometry tools to count, classify, measure multiple cellulars parameters

 A GUI interface customized just for you
 Flexibility given by macro capabilities

 Brightfield microscopy
 Cellular dynamics
 DIC/Phase contrast
 Fluorescent protein expression
 High speed Ca2+ imaging
 In vivo imaging
 Light sheet microscopy
 Localization microscopy
 Single molecule detection
 Spinning disk confocal microscopy
 Structured illumination microscopy
 Time-lapse fluorescence
 TIRF microscopy

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